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Freshboys UK
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Fresh Boys UK, chav lovers only…..

**latest update**

After a complete redesign and upgrade of picture quality in December 2006, this site….has not improved at all.  Even the odd cute model can not makeup for appalling site design and navigation, and the photographic quality remains indescribably inept.  The better models are either hidden by smoke, dwarfed by shoddy sets or rendered hideously green, blue or yellow by lack of any colour balance in the shots. Image255

*original review*

Freshboys are a UK based company, showcasing a whole variety of English models.

The website leaves a lot to be desired for, using a bizarre hard to read font slapped on top of an interesting colour scheme, with a very basic out-dated code feel to it. You’ll also find it very hard to read with endless sentences simply making no sense.

The models range from young twinks to slightly older more “hunky” men. There is no information about each model making it hard to know their age and sizes, something I have always found interesting.

However with names such as Aytug, Xavier, Matrix, Lex and Vex, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was surfing a UK website with British models or in some distant fantasy horror.

The preview area is a useful indication of what is to come. Most models sets can be seen with all but the nude parts being unavailable.

The picture quality is average with each one available in a medium size only. There are also no zip files to download.Image257

Each gallery seems to be made up nine or so pictures, giving no opportunity to “build-up” your interest and it seems not all galleries actually have a climax.

Some sets do have cum shots however, and those are listed under the “cum shot” button on the main navigation bar, which can be easily overlooked if not careful!

It appears to get little better with the videos. Each video is split into four pieces, released over 2-3 weeks. With loud music playing throughout you get no sense of atmosphere and in most cases you witness little more than a half erect cock coming to no climax (and the half erect cock part doesn’t usually appear for a good ten days!). Also bare in mind that without 20/20 vision you’ll be hard pressed to even see the video, with half screen being little more than a blur. We wont even mention full screen as an option.

On the positive side, these videos can be downloaded to your hard drive, and due to their tiny size will take no time at all.

The website does have a few nice features. Live help and good offline help give a bit of added reassurance and security. The chat room feature is interesting although probably a waste of time. I’m sure most people go to a porn website to view porn, as opposed to form a close knit community, although I could be wrong.

FreshBoys UK is priced at £9.95/month coming down to under 7/month if you subscribe for three months. At this price FreshBoys is at the cheaper end of the scale. If you’re on a budget this might be the site for you. If you’re after more premium rate higher quality pictures, then look at some of our other reviews.

Click here to visit Freshboys UK

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