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BoyKakke – a gay porn Asian twink site

BoyKakke, we are informed, is a term used in Japan that refers to showering the receiver with cum from one, several or many guys. Even if you didn’t know what this meant, it becomes quite clear from the tour that you can expect cum galore.Image558

The tour consists of three pages, two showcasing videos and one the models. Each scene has a preview video which can be streamed, plus a raunchy description of the set. The preview video is pretty generous in terms of length, lasting around about a minute. It is clear from the tour this site is all about cute Asian twinks, bareback sex, and endless amounts of cum – usually ending up all over the face.

The member’s area is the standard Asian Network layout. This is good! Expect latest updates, most popular scenes and the bonus sites all accessible from this page.

There are currently 115 photo sets at BoyKakke. The older photos are vidcaps and can be viewed at 578×480. They are a little blurry and not particularly good quality. The newer photos on the other hand are great quality, and can be viewed at 900×1350. There are usually around 40-80 photos per set, which I think is more than enough. Sometimes sites get carried away with too many repetitive photos. These are all sharp and leave little to the imagination. Photo sets can all be rated, and members also have the option to leave comments. Additionally, a slide show feature allows ‘hands free’ viewing.

Videos are equally good, and currently BoyKakke has 64 available for your viewing pleasure. The newest videos are offered in 3 downloadable Image559options. This includes a high definition WMV shown at 1280×720 and an MP4 version for your IPod shown at 320×176. The newest videos can be streamed in flash although the quality is compromised quite a bit. Older videos are a little more disappointing and are viewable at best at 578×480. They are however clear and play nicely, so are still more than watchable, unless you’ve been spoilt with larger HD footage.

The model quality at BoyKakke is excellent, with an abundance of slender, smooth Asian twinks – all full of cum and ready to spurt their jizz all over each other.  Expect plenty of duo action and some very lively scenes and plenty of cum on faces.

BoyKakke appears to update regularly, with 3 updates in the past week. This further confirms its credentials as one of the premier gay Asian twink sites around. With this amount of new content, members will undoubtedly struggle to exhaust the supply of Asian cock and ass, and that’s before getting on to the four bonus sites members also have access to. These include Japan Boyz, Gay Asian Amateurs, Gay Asian Anime and AsianBoyFeet.

If you’re into cum covered Asian twinks, with plenty of fucking and sucking, its unlikely BoyKakke will disappoint.

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