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Bare Twinks
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For those of you who love watch cute, lean twinks between the ages of 18 and 23 fuck bareback, Bare Twinks may just be to your liking. Updates come in once a week, adding to the exclusive collection of streaming flash videos, mp4 downloads and matching screen captures on a regular basis. Some of the videos are a little on the short side at under 15 minutes, and the older videos are not the greatest quality, but Bare Twinks has been making the necessary improvements to make their members’ erotic entertainment more enjoyable. The tour gives a good indication of what to expect inside and they make good on their claims throughout. Rock hard cocks and lots of raw fucking are at our disposal here. Let’s take a closer look at the members area.

The members area of Bare Twinks is a very simple layout with a left sidebar providing a main menu. In the main area of the page we see thumbnail links leading the 3 more recent video updates, the 5 featured models, and then finish off the members are home page with more thumbnails leading to 6 featured videos. There are no banners or ads inside Bare Twinks.

Boy Crush
Boy Crush

As of Octobter 2nd 2009, there are 42 exclusive videos inside Bare Twinks. The quality of the shoots vary according to when they were added to the site, as the newest videos are of a higher standard. All of the videos are available in 2 flash streams at screen sizes of 560×346 and 960×560. The largest videos being of the clearest quality. Mp4 downloads are also available, with the best quality videos at a bitrate of 1.29Mbps and a screen resolution of 960×540. The length of the videos range from under 15 minutes to just about 30 minutes. The action is capture well in them, providing some rather intense moments. DRM is not in place for any of the downloadable videos.

Each video shoot inside Bare Twinks contains a video capture gallery. The galleries can contain up to 300 images per, and the quality ranges from the blurry to not too bad. The newest captures are at a screen resolution of 1000px × 562px and you have to surf through 3 or 4 shots in order to get to the next bit of action. However, with so many images available and looking at their large sizes, they can be entertaining and capture some erotic moments from the videos. Downloadable zip sets are offered and you can also save each image individually.

The models at Bare Twinks are exactly what you might expect from the name. Lean, cute boyish types who happen to be very horny. There is nary a soft cock in any of the videos here and they seem to know to use their average size to large hardons. Whether it’s for sucking on or filling up a tight and willing ass. The older productions aren’t quite as good as the newer ones, but the action is pretty hot for the most part.

While Bare Twinks is not the best site I’ve been inside that provides gay bareback twink porn, it’s certainly not the worst. Their library is growing at a steady pace of at least 1 video and screen capture gallery per week and the newest content is of pretty good quality. They provide what they promise, DRM is not in place and the action ranges from good to downright smoking in my opinion. Bare Twinks could be a nice place to check out for all you hardcore bareback fans.

Click here to visit Bare Twinks

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